The Budding Writer

Buds have it easy if you ask me. The sun comes along just at the right time and teases them open. You don't hear them saying, 'Hang on a minute I'm not ready for this yet!' do you? They just get on with it and bow to the innate wisdom of the sun god.
You don't argue with your lord and master.
When a bud opens it is responding to something greater than itself - the sun in this case... the cause of the right conditions. And that's the point.
Those conditions are making it grow.
It doesn't have a choice because when that sun shows's opening.
Nature's got it all worked out.
Well bully for you, buds. Just keep it coming...dazzle us with your splendour and beauty! Show us how easy it is to, well... just grow. Because that's what you do best and we all need someone to look up to right? You've got the sun after all.
And we've got you.

Thank the Magic of Nature for that, because us lesser mortals need reminding.
Easy does not come easy to us you see...we just love making it hard for ourselves. By pushing against. By resisting. Anything to stop those changes from happening.
Change is scary, let's face it.
No thanks.
We'd rather not. We'd rather shrink away from our own light and close ourselves off from any hint of opportunity because it means we have to step up. Step out of our comfort zone and do the work.
The work it will take to improve. The work it will take to shine like the diamonds we know we can be and know we are.
Does it really matter if we're a bit rough round the edges for now? How else will we reveal such a precious thing if we don't handle it, turn it over, hold it up to the light and polish it?
Make it shine.

And that's the thing about talent, I suppose; it's there, deep enough down. For some, it remains at worst undiscovered and mostly hidden but for those who respond to the call of their own magical nature - it will push through and rise to the surface.
If we let it.
Please. Don't deny it.
Every creative gift needs to be shared. And if writing is yours, then do it.
Tell your stories. Ignore the nagging voice of doubt. Feed instead the hunger for expression in every word. Salivate over each sentence. Taste the flavour of an idea.
Open up to inspiration and be the writer who buds.
All the time.
Because writers can do that.


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