The Indie & the Hearthfire

I spend a lot of time at home. It's where I'm happiest, with my family and (other) animals. The hearthfire has always been a place for stories and although my teenagers are passed all that now - or like to think they are - I'm not.
I dream about telling stories and that means I have to write them.
However, this is not a dream, and dreams without a plan don't happen.
So I'm going to prove it with a plan.
Holding myself accountable with a regular blog is part of that plan.
Dreams are all well and good but if they stay in your head for too long it just gets overcrowded, that's if you dream a lot like I do.
I've always done it and so far, most of them have materialised. When you want something badly enough...there's a good chance it will happen.
So I know I can do it, but not by making it happen - trying too hard doesn't work - but just getting out of the way and allowing it to happen.
Making room for it is key.
Success is in the preparation right?

Creating a living out of my writing is that dream. Songs need to be sung and stories must be told and what's the point of having a gift if you don't share it?
The Indie path appeals to me because it provides total creative control and it's the path of least resistance. Free spirits are never really free when restricted by rules and regulations.
They choke the life out of us.
We need room to breathe... Oh and the dream? Well the good news is you can still have one but sadly that's all it will be. Just a dream.

So I wrote a song last year (Not a Dream) to plant that seed. It's time to nurture that now, write like a demon and once I've got a few books in the bag, learn how to sell them. I'm not so keen on that part but am trusting it'll all be good and the right people will show up to help.
It's already happening and I am grateful. The Indie community is an amazing support system for every writer who braves it alone and that's just about every one of us.
Solitude can be an extremely anti-social beast.
My intention is: this blog will serve me well, and others too, hopefully, others who dream the dream.
The fire will not go out while we have stories to tell.


  1. With you all the way, sister!

  2. Great looking blog. Good luck going Indie - I have just finished my fourth book as an Indie. Publishing via Createspace this time so, unlike my others, it will actually be for sale on Amazon (in a few days time). Selling is a problem - something I'm not good at either; I'm working on it! You can do anything if you put your mind to it, or so I keep telling myself.

  3. Thank you kindly to you both. I am determined to crack this blog nut and probably, in the process, turn into one.


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